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Journal of Advanced Research in Natural and Applied Sciences
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Author Guidelines

Writing rules
Journal of Advanced Research in Natural and Applied Sciences (JARNAS) is the publication of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. Original research articles and reviews that have not been published elsewhere within the scope of the journal (by invitation of the editor). The journal is a scientific and peer-reviewed journal and is published online four times a year, in March, June, September and December.
The aim of the journal is to transform research and development activities into scientific publications and to contribute to universal science by entering national and international indexes.

The language of publication for all articles to be published in the journal is 70% or more English and Turkish. Keywords are given in alphabetical order. English keywords (Keywords) are written considering this order.

The interface provided by DergiPark should be used in all correspondence related to the journal. Articles prepared in accordance with the journal's writing rules should be sent from the "Submit Article" tab using the Ulakbim Dergipark address, without the need for hard copy. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the article belongs to the author(s).
Compliance with research and publication ethics is essential in the articles to be published. "Copyright Transfer Form" must be filled and signed by all authors. Publication procedures begin after the submission of this form. Different copies of this form can be signed and sent separately by the author(s) living in other cities. The "Ethical Principles and Publication Policy" on the main page of the journal should be taken into consideration by the authors.
In researches using animals or harmful substances, the "Ethics Committee Permission Certificate" should be attached to the article. For articles containing research results in which humans are used as subjects, the author(s) must certify their compliance with the ethical standards of the “committee on human trials” and the revised Declaration of Helsinki 1983. In case the document cannot be provided, the relevant Ethics Committee Approval number should be specified.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Advanced Research in Natural and Applied Sciences (JARNAS) are first evaluated formally by the field editor, who will be directed by the editor-in-chief, based on the subject title and keywords. At this stage, similarity reports are created by using plagiarism detection software together with similarity reports from the authors. The similarity report of the candidate publication must be less than 20% in total. Then, it is decided whether the publication to be examined is suitable for the journal format. ARTICLES THAT ARE NOT PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TEMPLATE are first requested to correct and if appropriate corrections are not made, they will be DIRECTLY REJECTED. Candidate publications that do not have a "Copyright Transfer Form" or are incomplete, and candidate publications that exceed the similarity ratio limits are not included in the preliminary examination. Manuscripts that pass the preliminary review stage are directed to the relevant field editor to carry out the review process.
The field editor directs the candidate publication to at least two/three referees in accordance with its subject to be evaluated in terms of scientific content. As a result of the evaluations of the referees, they can decide whether to accept, to be edited, or not to be published.
The author makes the necessary corrections regarding the articles for which correction is requested. In addition, he sends his reasoned article to the journal regarding the issues he does not agree with. If it deems necessary in the evaluation, it appoints a new referee or finalizes its decision on the article.
As a result of all evaluations, the decision of acceptance or rejection is forwarded to the author responsible for correspondence via DergiPark.
The articles that will be accepted as a result of the evaluation are directed to the spelling and language editor, and the relevant article is examined in terms of spelling and language, and its compliance in terms of journal writing rules is ensured.
Articles published in the journal cannot be published anywhere else or presented as a paper. Partially or fully published articles can not be used anywhere without showing the source. The contents of the articles submitted to the journal must be original, not previously published anywhere or sent for publication. It should be stated with a cover letter that the studies to be submitted for evaluation have not been sent to another journal or published. As of January 1, 2023, conference proceedings will not be included in our journal, except for the SPECIAL ISSUE.
If the article is not accepted for publication, the "Copyright Transfer Form" has no legal significance and is considered null and void. By signing this form, the authors waive their rights by transferring the legal right to reproduce and distribute the article in whole or in part, in addition to publishing the article in the "Journal of Advanced Research in Natural and Applied Sciences" magazine and on the website, to Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.

According to the information about the different publication formats and types of articles published in the journal, the points that the authors should pay attention to are as follows:
Research Articles: The primary language of the journal is English. There are two different forms in Turkish and English Articles. In Turkish articles; It should include Turkish Title, English Title, Authors, Addresses, Turkish Abstract, Turkish Keywords, English Abstract, English Keywords, Introduction, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Findings, Discussion and Results, Ethical Issues if necessary, Author Contribution and Acknowledgment, References . In English articles, no Turkish name, abstract or keywords are searched. Abstracts and results in research articles should be 200-250 words and the page length should not exceed 18 pages.
Reviews: Reviews are only accepted by invitation of the editor. Research article writing rules are valid. It should not exceed 25 pages.

Authors who will send publications to the journal for evaluation should prepare their publications taking into account the JARNAS file and upload them to the system together with other necessary documents.

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